A little bit about me . . .

Who am I? Well, for starters, here's a little description I put together for a course I taught recently:

My education has been non-traditional from the day I was born, and continues to be that way to the present day.

It all began when Houston, TX school authorities decided to institute all day kindergarten. My mother did not like that idea at all, so she decided to homeschool me to 'delay kindergarten.' Eleven years and a homeschool earned diploma later, she still likes to say that she's 'delaying kindergarten.'

During the latter part of elementary school and high school, one of my consuming interests was programming. Within that time I taught myself C, C++, Java, and PERL, mostly from books at the local library, and off of the internet. PERL was actually learned within the context of my nearly three year part time job at Heavenword (www.heavenword.com), where I did a lot of text conversion work with it.

Following my graduation from high school, I traveled off to the Indianapolis Training Center and enrolled in the eleven month EQUIP program, during which I learned valuable people and leadership skills.

A few months before finishing my work at the Indianapolis Training Center, still not knowing what I would do when I finished there, I happened to send my resume to Ken Auer at RoleModel Software through some rather miraculous circumstances. After a time of correspondance and a visit by Mr. Auer to the training center, I signed up at RoleModel Software as an apprentice.

I still hold that position, and am currently learning constantly in a real world context under one of the world's top object oriented programmers with the world's premiere XP team.

s. o. f.