Module Test::Unit::Assertions
In: test/unit/assertions.rb
Contains all of the standard Test::Unit assertions. Mixed in to Test::Unit::TestCase. To mix it in and use its functionality, you simply need to rescue Test::Unit::AssertionFailedError, and you can additionally override add_assertion to be notified whenever an assertion is made.


add_assertion    assert    assert_block    assert_does_not_match    assert_equal    assert_in_delta    assert_instance_of    assert_kind_of    assert_match    assert_nil    assert_not_equal    assert_not_nil    assert_not_same    assert_nothing_raised    assert_nothing_thrown    assert_operator    assert_raises    assert_respond_to    assert_same    assert_send    assert_throws    flunk   
Public Instance methods
assert_block(message="") {|| ...}
The assertion upon which all other assertions are based. Passes if the block yields true.
assert(boolean, message="")
Passes if boolean is true.
assert_equal(expected, actual, message=nil)
Passes if expected == actual. Note that the ordering of arguments is important, since a helpful error message is generated when this one fails that tells you the values of expected and actual.
assert_raises(expected_exception_klass, message="") {|| ...}
Passes if block raises exception.
assert_instance_of(klass, object, message="")
Passes if object.class == klass.
assert_nil(object, message="")
Passes if object.nil?.
assert_kind_of(klass, object, message="")
Passes if object.kind_of?(klass).
assert_respond_to(object, method, message="")
Passes if object.respond_to?(method) is true.
assert_match(regexp, string, message="")
Passes if string =~ regularExpression.
assert_same(expected, actual, message="")
Passes if actual.equal?(expected) (i.e. they are the same instance).
assert_operator(object1, operator, object2, message="")
Compares the two objects based on the passed operator. Passes if object1.send(operator, object2) is true.
assert_nothing_raised(*args) {|| ...}
Passes if block does not raise an exception.
Always fails.
assert_not_same(expected, actual, message="")
Passes if !actual.equal?(expected).
assert_not_equal(expected, actual, message="")
Passes if expected != actual.
assert_not_nil(object, message="")
Passes if !object.nil?.
assert_does_not_match(regexp, string, message="")
Passes if string !~ regularExpression.
assert_throws(expected_symbol, message="", &proc)
Passes if block throws symbol.
assert_nothing_thrown(message="", &proc)
Passes if block does not throw anything.
assert_in_delta(expected_float, actual_float, delta, message="")
Passes if expected_float and actual_float are equal within delta tolerance.
assert_send(send_array, message="")
Passes if the method sent returns a true value.
Called whenever an assertion is made.