General Information

Test::Unit is a unit testing framework for the Ruby programming language. See the documentation index for more in-depth information about Test::Unit's purpose and design.


03-02-2002 — Nat Pryce is working on porting his excellent Ruby/Mock package to Test::Unit! Expect more details in the next couple of weeks.

03-02-2002 — The fixes continue! Version 0.1.4 includes much better RubyUnit compatibility (thanks primarily to Matt Armstrong), including support for the current version of Ruby/Mock. Test selection from the commandline has also improved, so that now a whole TestCase can be selected, too. There's also some fixes for the Test::Unit core. As usual, check out the ChangeLog for all the details.

02-25-2002 — Version 0.1.3 has arrived, with fixes out the wazoo plus a cool new feature. Thanks to Matt Armstrong for pointing out some more problems with the RubyUnit compatibility layer, and to Dave Thomas for his patch to unit.rb. I've applied it (with some slight modifications); it allows you to specify patterns on the commandline that filter what tests are actually run. So grab the new version and enjoy!

02-24-2002 — Dave Thomas pointed out that the RubyUnit script for automatic running aliases RUNIT::TestCase to TestCase. I've fixed the RubyUnit compatibility layer to do the same. Grab 0.1.2 below to get the fix.

02-24-2002 — Thanks to Michael Husmann for running the examples and realizing that they're broken! I've fixed that and put up version 0.1.1. If you don't use the examples, then you don't really need the new version, but of course you're welcome to grab it if you'd like. Let me know if you find anything else that's not as it should be!

02-23-2002 — OK, Test::Unit 0.1.0 is now available. It's the exact same thing as was included with the 1.6.6 Windows Ruby Installer. Grab it and let me know what you think!

02-23-2002 — I've finally put up this page as a spot to track Test::Unit development and make packaged versions of it available. Eventually, it will be available with Ruby itself, but until then, this is where you'll get it.


Contact Info

If you have any questions, you can email me (Nathaniel Talbott) at testunit@talbott.ws.