General Information

Lapidary is a unit testing framework for the Ruby programming language. You will always find the most recent release here. See the documentation index for more in-depth information about Lapidary's purpose and design.

You can peruse Lapidary's SourceForge project site. It allows you to request features and report bugs, and even browse the cvs repository.


10-11-2001 — After my completely off the mark prediction in April, I determined I wasn't going to put anything else up until I was actually releasing something. That time has arrived: Lapidary 0.2.1 is in the wild! Note the ChangeLog, which has information on what is actually contained in this release, and also indicates things that this release might potentially break in your code. Have fun, and bring on the feedback! It's been too long without it.

04-09-2001 — Expect Lapidary 0.2.1 real soon now! It will only have minor changes, such as fixed docs, fixed GTKTestRunner, and consistent assertions. The last one may not be exactly minor, but I'll try to make sure the framework tells you clearly when your code needs to be updated.

04-09-2001 — Neil Conway has pointed out the fact that my name doesn't appear anywhere in the docs! I've added it in a couple of places. He also found a few more typos in the usage doc and an error in the design doc. An updated version is in CVS and on the web. Clearly I need a spellchecker in my html editor :-)

03-22-2001 — Thanks to Barry Shultz for pointing out a few minor errors in the usage documentation. The corrections will be included in the next Lapidary release, or you can browse the updated verion now.

03-22-2001 — Oops! As Matt Armstrong pointed out, I mixed up the FTP and HTTP download options. You'll find corrected links in the download section.

03-20-2001 — Lapidary is live! Grab your exclusive, first-come, first-serve copy below!


You can get the latest release of Lapidary at these places, or you can browse over to the file release area to browse and download all of the versions.

Contact Info

If you have any questions, you can email me (Nathaniel Talbott) at

Thanks to SourceForge for hosting us!